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Moving Intelligence MI01 Sentry Tracker

  • Moving Intelligence
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  • Device Requires an Annual Subscription costing £99.00 Per Year
  • Perfect For: Trailer Tent, Folding Camper, Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, Boat, Jet Ski, Car, Motorcycle and many more.
  • Description+

    You haven’t seen a product like this!

    Moving Intelligence’s wireless Mi01 Sentry has a 5-year battery life its small it fits in places where it can’t be found. With the Mi01 Sentry you’re absolutely a step ahead of the thieves.

    The Mi01 Sentry is an after-theft tracking system with worldwide coverage. The Sentry ensures that your object can always be found, whether it’s a car, boat, tractor or work of art. The Mi01 Sentry is waterproof and equipped with a range of unique technical features so that the Sentry cannot be hacked.


    The Mi01 Sentry uses GSM, GPS and even has a fallback RF Signal. Programmed to send its location once every 24 hours the Sentry is nearly impossible to detect. Users can change the location frequency via our Mi App and in the event of theft the unit will update to stream its location until its recovered. (Making it better at being detected than your average tracker).

    Thatcham have strict criteria and rigorous assessments, evaluating performance, manufacture, and service. So, you can have the confidence and complete peace of mind knowing your Moving Intelligence (Phantom) system is reliable and provides your vehicle with the protection it needs.

    The compact size and omnidirectional GPS receiver allow the Mi01 Sentry to be installed out of sight virtually anywhere in a car, commercial vehicle or equipment. With the built-in power caps and internal battery, the Sentry has no effect on the existing electronics, and this system operates entirely standalone and wirelessly.


    This device will work with any large and valuable items such as: Motorcycle, Car, Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, Folding Camper, Trailer Tent, Jet Ski, Boat, Outboard Motor and many more.



    • Thatcham certified S7
    • Waterproof (IP67)
    • Cloud-based platform and MiApp
    • Worldwide GSM and GPS coverage
    • 24/7 Call centre
    • Internal battery with a lifespan of 5 years (Changing Settings of the device can reduce lifespan)
    • 94% recovery rate
    • Over 12,000 sold European wide
  • Specification+

    Moving Intelligence


    145x35x22 mm


    GSM, GPS