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STV Wasp-Free Zone

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    Create a Wasp-Free Zone with Zero-In imitation wasp nest and deter wasps from entering patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas vulnerable to attack. Each imitation nest is effective over a 10 metre radius, creating a Wasp-Free Zone of over 300 square metres. Set up is simple with no need for specialist tools, and the re-usable Zero In Wasp-Free Zone will provide poison-free protection for you and your family year after year.


    • Visual deterrent creates a wasp free zone within a radius of up to 10m
    • Natural and effective wasp repellent without any mess, chemicals or dead wasps to clear up
    • Wasps assume territory has already been claimed
    • Hang in plain sight anywhere you eat or drink outside (table umbrella, tree, eaves, play areas)
    • Start hanging in early spring to deter wasps all year round
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