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Quest Aqua Tabs

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    Simple and easy to use. Rapid dissolving effervescent tablets for treating stored water. Just drop one tablet into your water and it dissolves away leaving your water purified. Each tablet purifies 25l of water. Each tablet is foil wrapped to remain stable for 5 years or more. The formulation contains dichloroisocyanurate, an organic chlorine donor with superior disinfection capacity. They are manufactured to strict specifications to ensure an accurate dose. Simply the most convenient and easy to use method of purifying stored water.


    • Simple
    • Easy to Use
    • Purifies water
    • Rapid Dissolving
    • Tablets are Foil Wrapped
    • Remain Stable for 5 Years Plus
    • Organic Chlorine Donor
    • Superior Disinfection Capacity
    • Manufactured to strict specifications to ensure an accurate dose


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