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Westfield Performance Windshield Pro Door Panel

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*Needs to be used in conjunction with 1x Westfield Windshield Pro + Additional Panel or 2x Westfield Windshield Pro.

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    This is the door panel for use with the Westfield Windshield Pro. This door panel is connected to your existing windshield Pro giving you a door in your windbreak. It comes with everything you need and still uses no guy lines ensuring you have no trip hazards and can use 100% of the available space on your side of the windshield.

    You can use multiple additional panels and doors to extend your windshield pro to any length and have different entry points.


    • Adds a door into your Windshield Pro
    • Premium Quality
    • Hydrotech SP material
    • Protection from the sun and wind
    • Unique pole system means no guylines
    • Easier to use than guyline versions
    • Extremely Sturdy and stable
    • Use 100% of your space
    • Floor Plates for added stability
    • Can be slide into standard caravan channel
    • Frame: Aluminium with oxidized frosting coating
    • Length: 80 cm (1 panel)
    • Height: 130 cm
    • Folded: 110 x 8 x 8 cm
    • Weight: 1.8 kg
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