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    Firepot meals are delicious, nutritious, dehydrated slow-cooked meals inspired by their travels. The meals have been kept lightweight and easy to use so it can be enjoyed from the heights of the Himalayas to the fjords of Chi[...]

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    Please Note: Works with 2008 onwards (Isabella Canvas) Only! [...]

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    Trangia 0.5l Fuel bottle with safety Valve for safe transporting and use of meths. The valve has a screw top locking mechanism which, when closed, prevents the valve accidentally opening whilst the fuel is being transported. [...]

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    Oversized aluminium kettle that can be used on a Trangia 25 or 27 stove, or any stove or wood fire.   Material: Aluminium Capacity: 1.4 Litre Weight: 0.225g [...]

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    Trangia 1 litre fuel bottle with safety Valve for safe transporting and use of meths. The valve has a screw top locking mechinism which when closed prevents the valve accidently opening whilst the fuel is being transported. O[...]

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    2.5 litre aluminium billy with lid and handle that can be used with the Trangia 27 stove. To aid packing the 27 stoves fit neatly inside the billy.   Material: Aluminium Capacity: 2.5 Litre Weight: 0.395g [...]

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    3-4 person stove, ultralight stoves are 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium, less material is required and as a result are lighter. 25 Series stove with burner, pans, 22cm frying pan, pan handle, simmering ring, screw cap, u[...]

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    3-4 person stove, ideal for group cooking or larger meals. Treated with a non stick coating. This stove requires little to no cooking fat which makes washing up easier because nothing sticks. Ideal for those who want light pa[...]

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    Aluminium mess tin with lid and handle.   Weight: 0.257kg [...]

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    Gas burner, provides more heat than meth burners and leaves pans deposit free.   The Trangia Gas burner provides more heat than the conventional meths burner and without leaving any deposits on the pans. It is ea[...]

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    Replacement or additional Trangia Pan Handle to fit any size of Trangia cook system   Packsize: L12.8 x H4.0 x W2.4cm Weight: 0.048kg [...]

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    Complete spirit burner; simple to light no matter what the conditions. Lightweight and easy to store while on the road.   The original heat source for a Trangia stove, the complete burner is available as a spare.[...]

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    2 pack of orange guyline, ideal for replacing broken guylines or to keep as spares.   3 metres long Fitted with runner Orange, for high visibility  [...]

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    Maximise tent space on weekend and family trips with these adjustable King Poles, designed to hold the front door of your tent up to create a handy sun canopy. These poles allow you to make the most of your tent and give you [...]

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    Inflate your Vango AirBeam Tent or Awning even easier with the AirBeam Zephyr Pump. Featuring a powerful internal motor, LED digital display, auto cut-off preventing over-inflation and multiple nozzle options, the Vango AirBe[...]

1–15 of 190 results