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  • £11.99rrp £14.99 Save £3.00

    The Big Larry outputs 400 lumens of intense light. Secondary light modes include Low (160 lumens) and the Emergency Red Flash mode. This intense red light is perfect for distress signaling or roadside emergencies. The an[...]

  • £18.99rrp £24.99 Save £6.00

    Equipped with bug-attracting NUV LED's and a 360 degrees bug-zapping electric grid, this lantern & spot light combo will keep your outdoor excursions enjoyable and bug free! The handle easily adjusts to conveniently se[...]

  • £14.99rrp £15.99 Save £1.00

    A lightweight aluminium frying pan with a dual surface; smooth surface ideal for cooking eggs on one side and a griddle surface on the other side ideal for cooking sausages and burgers.   99.5% Aluminium Non s[...]

  • £135.00rrp £149.00 Save £14.00

    The universal fitting Tow Pro Lite, uses Specialised Covers own strong, impact-absorbing non-scratch fleece material, protecting the front of your caravan from window and impact damage. The Tow Pro's one-piece construction wi[...]

  • £15.99rrp £19.99 Save £4.00

    High voltage insect killer from Zero In attracts light-sensitive flying insects such as mosquitos, flies and moths into an electrically charged grid, collecting dead insects quickly and hygienically.   Kills flie[...]

All 5 results