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  • £9.50rrp £19.99 Save £10.49

    Premium foam sleeping mat for luxury camping and comfortable backpacking. Highest quality, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam to give enriched colours and softer mats, offering more comfort and long lasting performanc[...]

  • £4.50rrp £7.99 Save £3.49

    The Camper 7 is a cheap sleeping mat designed to provide a welcome degree of comfort to anyone, from family campers to summer festival-goers. As well as cushioning you from the hard ground this foam camping mat will also p[...]

  • £2.99rrp £4.99 Save £2.00

    The Carrisak is another product of Multimat’s attention to detail. It fits mats up to 550mm wide when rolled and has a locking toggle and pull cord to keep the mat contained. And it weighs less than 2oz so you won’t no[...]

  • £12.99rrp £24.99 Save £12.00

    Multimat’s Comfort XXL is designed for backpackers and campers on the move but, coming from their Premium range, it gives you as much comfort as Multimat can squeeze into a practical mat. This luxury foam sleeping mat is[...]

  • £1.50rrp £2.99 Save £1.49

    These Plain elasticated bands from Multimat have an important role to fulfil. Whenever you’re travelling, hiking, backpacking or generally transporting your mat from A to B, you need it to be secured and tightly rolled a[...]

All 5 results