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    Isabella's dish rack was designed based on the “think flat” concept and is an innovative, practical and space-saving product, ideal for outdoor living. The dish rack folds down easily to become completely flat, so it take[...]

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    Enjoy tasty and convenient food on your camping trip with the Commander Field Kitchen. Featuring a large worktop and extension table for easy meal preparation and ample cooking space. Its handy storage options make your kitch[...]

  • Our Price £89.99

    The Monza Camp Kitchen is a dual-purpose aluminium top cooker stand with removable windshield and separate twin storage cupboards, featuring 2 level shelving with rigid shelf inserts and zip back doors. The sturdy easy erect [...]

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    The Universal Windshield is a universal fitting cooker windshield suitable for camping cookers up to double burner width. The sheet steel windshield is supplied with attachable suckers to secure the windshield to a suitable a[...]

  • Our Price £29.99

    The Charlotte Town with Storage Pouch provides a suitable non-slip platform to raise the working height of items like coolers and keep them off the damp ground. The Storage Pouch is removable.   Non-slip rubber[...]

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    The chic logo-pattern graces the top, shelve and embossed fabric of this kitchen table. Not only do this invaluable table provide a stable place to prepare and cook a meal, but also includes enclosed storage for pots, food an[...]

All 6 results