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  • Our Price £59.99

    Blue Diamond’s windbreaks are fast becoming a caravanning essential; the contemporary ‘9-Poled Windbreak’ is a traditional windbreak produced from a heavy-duty lock-stitch polypropylene, designed to provide additional[...]

  • Our Price £32.50rrp £39.99 Save £7.49

    Blue Diamond AQUA CADDIE 25Ltr is a large 25Ltr capacity transportable water container, manufactured from food grade plastic making this ideal for drinking water or can be used for grey wastewater if required. For ease of [...]

  • Our Price £3.50 save £1.00 was £4.50

    Blue Diamond’s Awning Cleaner 750ml Trigger Spray, is a special formulation, designed to remove dirt, bird droppings and other stains from acrylic, polyester, nylon awnings and tents; without damaging the fabric. One bottle[...]

  • Our Price £14.99

    Blue Diamond’s ‘Awning Rail Protector’ is an extremely effective method of keeping sludge, insects and dirt from the caravan rail, using the 12 metres of beading and tape provided. This product also reduces black streak[...]

  • Our Price £8.99rrp £12.99 Save £4.00

    Blue Diamond’s ‘4L Blue Toilet Fluid’ is an exceptionally effective, fast-acting and long-lasting toilet fluid, designed to effectively manage waste, whilst emitting a pleasant and fragrant smell in the waste holding ta[...]

  • Our Price £10.99rrp £13.99 Save £3.00

    Blue Diamond’s “2L Double Pack” is an exceptional bundle that contains a single 2L bottle of our best-selling Blue Toilet Fluid’. This is an exceptionally effective, fast-acting and long-lasting toilet fluid, designed[...]

  • Our Price £6.99

    Made using recycled materials, the Blue Diamond Eco Plastic Peg is a heavy duty plastic ground peg suited to holding firm in soft ground with the cross section shaft profile. The handy plastic storage case contains 20 Pegs. [...]

  • Our Price £9.99

    Blue Diamond’s innovative ‘Glow Pegs’ are an effective 20cm tent/awning peg alternative, utilising the newest technology to absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night! The pegs have a sharp, tapered stainless stee[...]

  • Our Price £7.99

    Blue Diamond’s ‘Orange Hard Ground Pegs’ are a robust and durable 20.5cm steel tent/awning peg, designed specifically for penetrating harder/stoney pitches and ground. They have a tough plastic head to grip guylines, me[...]

  • Our Price £10.99

    Blue Diamond’s heavy-duty ‘Pile Driver Pro Pegs’ are thick 20.5cm steel pegs, with a hard-wearing plastic head, especially designed for easily gliding through harder/stoney ground. The pegs have a corkscrewed shaft for [...]

  • Our Price £10.99

    The Screw Pro pegs are solid and robust, with a tapered steel spike, making them ideal for use within hard or shaley ground. This accessory is produced from a durable steel and incorporates a corkscrewed shaft for additional [...]

  • Our Price £6.99rrp £10.99 Save £4.00

    Blue Diamond’s ‘2L Toilet Bowl Cleaner’ is a highly effective formulation designed to clean and deodorise your flushing toilet, whilst leaving a long-lasting film on the rim. It ensures all surfaces are completely cover[...]

  • Our Price £3.99rrp £4.99 Save £1.00

    A 13mm socket to use with Blue Diamond Screw Pro Peg (PEG223) or any screw peg with a 13mm head.   13mm Drill Adaptor Ideal to Complement Cordless Drills Compatible With 'Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro' Lig[...]

  • Our Price £6.99rrp £11.99 Save £5.00

    Blue Diamond’s ‘2L Concentrated New Blue Toilet Fluid’ is a brand-new addition for their range and is a powerful, efficient and effective fluid, managing waste quickly and leaving your loo pleasantly perfumed. The produ[...]

  • Our Price £19.99

    Blue Diamond’s blue ‘Versa-Tile Flooring’ are unique cushioned 60cm square floor mats that can be joined together to form any size of floor. They are purchased in sets of four and ensure a more stable surface, with fric[...]

46–60 of 1254 results