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  • £49.99rrp £80.00 Save £30.01

    Large 40 litre capacity. Comes with filler hose and tap connector. Features collapsible, removable handles. Can be used with the Mains Adaptor to provide a continuous fresh water supply. Even without the mains supply facility[...]

  • £7.99rrp £8.50 Save £0.51

    The tap easily screws into the end cap of the Aquaroll, allowing it to be used for various different outdoor leisure activities such as camping, gardening or equestrian events. The Aquaroll tap should be used in conjunctio[...]

  • £5.99rrp £7.00 Save £1.01

    The Aquaroll filler tube is suitable for use with the 29 and 40 litre Aquarolls. This item allows the user to fill their Aquaroll with fresh water from the mains with ease.[...]

  • £10.99rrp £14.99 Save £4.00

    The official Aquaroll handle is supplied in three easy to assemble pieces and is made from aluminum and can be easily attached to 29 or 40 litre Aquarolls manufactured after 1992.[...]

  • £29.99rrp £40.00 Save £10.01

    Allows an Aquaroll to be easily connected to the main water supply which can be used with any caravan. There are no expensive alterations necessary and it is easy to fit when an individual tap is available on site. The mains [...]

  • £19.99rrp £36.00 Save £16.01

    The 7.5 metre extension hose for the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor is perfect for situations where the 7.5m hose supplied with the Mains Adaptor is not long enough. Suitable for use with the Aquaroll main Adaptor[...]

  • £12.99rrp £14.00 Save £1.01

    Complete set of replacement connectors for the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor[...]

  • £15.99rrp £20.00 Save £4.01

    The official storage bag for the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor is designed to keep the mains adaptor and hose neatly coiled up to allow easy transportation between caravan pitches.[...]

  • £4.99rrp £8.50 Save £3.51

    The Aquaroll replacement caps are suitable for Aquarolls and all Wastemasters, after 1992. Each replacement filler cap measures 80mm in diameter and is supplied with restraining strap.[...]

  • £9.99rrp £10.99 Save £1.00

    The Aquaroll stand is ideal for campers using an Aquaroll without a pump. The stand holds the water carrier above ground level enabling use of the tap without lifting or tilting your Aquaroll. You can fit the stand and the[...]

  • £47.99

    A handy water tap, indispensable for camping. This tap gives you a 2-in-1 shower head for the bath and water tap for the kitchen. So you’ll always have a shower at your fingertips and a cleaning tool in your luggage. The[...]

  • £29.99 save £4.01 was £34.00

    This compact water carrier comes complete with wheels and a handle which can be folded down for storage. It has a generous 25 litre capacity the reduce the amount of trips that you need to take to the fresh water tap to refil[...]

  • £29.99 save £4.01 was £34.00

    This compact waste carrier comes complete with wheels and a handle which can be folded down for storage. It has a generous 25 litre capacity to reduce the amount of trips that need to be taken to empty the carrier.  [...]

  • £12.99rrp £19.99 Save £7.00

    Leisurewize 23 Litre Fresh Water Storage Container Jerry Can Tank   Unique twin handle design is perfect for pouring Two caps for easy filling and cleaning Designed in the UK 23lt capacity For caravan[...]

  • £23.99rrp £39.99 Save £16.00

    Easily connect your fresh water container to the main water supply, with this handy universal water mains adaptor.   7.5 metre high quality food grade hose. Non return ball valve. 2 x metric and imperial ta[...]

1–15 of 22 results