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    The Fruit Fly Trap from Zero In® kills fruit flies without using hazardous chemicals. The product is hygienic and can be safely used near fruit, vegetables and open wine bottles to provide up to 30 days of continuous and dis[...]

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    The High Voltage Insect Killer from Zero In® attracts light-sensitive flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths and flies into an electrically charged grid, destroying them quickly and hygienically. The unit can be placed on [...]

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    Super effective fly attractant refill for Ultimate Outdoor Fly Trap (ZER540) and XL Outdoor Fly Trap (ZER545).   Season-long refill pack. Includes 6 x 8g sachets. Outdoor use – attracts flies within a rad[...]

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    Highly effective outdoor fly trap, attracts flies within a 10m radius. Developed by professional pest controllers. Holds up to 40,000 each fill. Just add water. Proven effective - keeps working for over 4 weeks.   [...]

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    Zero In Ultra Power XL Wasp Trap will capture wasps and hornets within a 20 metre radius, creating a safe zone of over 1250 square metres - ideal for outdoor seating and food preparation areas. Specially designed to tackle la[...]

All 5 results