insect trap

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  • Our Price £14.99

    The High Voltage Insect Killer from Zero In® attracts light-sensitive flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths and flies into an electrically charged grid, destroying them quickly and hygienically. The unit can be placed on [...]

  • Our Price £7.99

    Highly effective outdoor fly trap, attracts flies within a 10m radius. Developed by professional pest controllers. Holds up to 40,000 each fill. Just add water. Proven effective - keeps working for over 4 weeks.   [...]

  • Our Price £8.99

    Zero In Ultra Power XL Wasp Trap will capture wasps and hornets within a 20 metre radius, creating a safe zone of over 1250 square metres - ideal for outdoor seating and food preparation areas. Specially designed to tackle la[...]

All 3 results