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  • Our Price £11.99rrp £19.99 Save £8.00

    Premium foam sleeping mat for luxury camping and comfortable backpacking. Highest quality, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam to give enriched colours and softer mats, offering more comfort and long lasting performanc[...]

  • Our Price £7.99rrp £11.95 Save £3.96

    Multimat’s Camper 8 is one of our basic range of cheap camping mats but provides an additional degree of warmth and cushioning by being thicker than its little brother, the Camper 7. It is widely used by all kinds of peo[...]

  • Our Price £15.99rrp £24.99 Save £9.00

    Multimat’s Comfort XL is designed for backpackers and campers on the move but, coming from the Premium range, it gives them as much comfort as we can squeeze into a practical mat. This luxury foam sleeping mat is almost [...]

  • Our Price £13.99rrp £19.99 Save £6.00

    All the mats in Multimats' Premium range are designed for year-round camping but there may be times on the coldest nights when you need a mat designed for five seasons, not four, and the Multimat Discovery fits the bill. T[...]

All 4 results