Vango Rivendale 800XL SkyLiner


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Rivendale Skyliner
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The Vango SkyLiner provides a layer of air between your living space and roof inside your tent, ultimately reducing the effects of condensation and creating a thermal barrier in cold weather. Featuring a soft touch, patterned fabric, and supplied with pre-attached Sky hooks, Vango’s made-to-measure SkyLiners can be simply attached onto the roof inside your tent by sliding onto the pre-fitted SkyTrack system. Not compatible with previous years model.
  • Helps reduce the effects of condensation and provides a thermal barrier in cold weather.
  • Compatibility – Made-to-measure for each specific AirBeam product, featuring a soft touch and patterned fabric to match your tent.
  • Supplied with Skyhooks – pre-attached Skyhooks allow you to simply slide the SkyLiner on to the SkyTrack system.